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21st Birthday Celebrations

Well OK… Not really!

Benji Turned 3 and in dog years that’s 21 right? Benji the Cavoodle and his big sister Frankie, the Toy Poodle have been friends of SitStay since Benji was brought home 3 years ago TODAY!

Hearing it was his birthday we couldn't resist but demand we celebrate with a doggy birthday cake made of carob chocolate by his loving SitStay Nurse and Godmother. I told you we quickly become part of the family!

Party hats and all, everyone got involved in singing happy birthday and even tasting the cake! It was a little bit bland but my gosh carob icing is actually delicious!

Our Friends at Kong heard it was Benji's '21st' and sent us a Birthday balloon chew toy to spoil him. If you book a SitStay service your Fur Child will also receive a gift on their birthday … ‘cos we are that cute!

Wishing you all the yummy treats, toys and cuddles little Benji boy! May you always be the sweet little snuggle-pot that you are. We love you!!

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