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Our Services

Tailored One-On-One Care

For Your Fur Family

SitStay's team of qualified vet nurses offer a range of services from in-home overnight care & visits through to behaviour, wellness and Postoperative support.


We understand how important it is to find the right fit for your fur family so please share some brief details with us and a SitStay Nurse will call you for a chat. We will discuss your unique needs, gain a better understanding of your pet's needs and connect you with the perfect Vet Nurse Sitter. 

All SitStay Vet Nurse Sitters are Interviewed, reference checked and verified by our Founder. 

Bookings with less than 10 units of service attract a $35 booking fee.


NB: due to the nature of our tailored service, SitStay does not entertain last-minute bookings unless you are an already existing SitStay Member

Sleeping Dogs

HOUSE SITTING [ Overnight ]

Caring for your Pet's & Your Home. 

Minimise stress and have your fur family cared for in their own environment.


A Vet Nurse Sitter will stay in your home to best care for your fur family by maintaining their daily routine whilst also securing your property. Home & Pet Sitting runs from the evening through to the morning. *Our Vet Nurses are working in clinics during the day. 

Our Basic Home & Pet Sitting package includes;

  • Meet & Greet with Vet Nurse Sitter

  • Tailored Service to your pets needs

  • Daily Communication

  • Insurance

  • 30 mins daily exercise/play time

  • Insurance



Sick Sheltie or Shetland sheepdog with d



Sometime's our fur fmaily has to undergo major surgery which requires strict confinement and rest for a healthy recovery. SitStay Vet Nurse Sitters are able to visit your pet whilst you are at work for wee breaks, supervised play or environmental enrichment. 

We can even help with medicating tips and tricks.

This Service includes;

  • Meet & Greet

  • Vet Nurse Sitter

  • Updates to you and your Vet

  • Checking would healing and recovery

  • Unlimited cuddles & pats

  • Service as per agreement

  • Insurance


$65 first hour

$44 for additional hours.

border collie barking with a wide open m



Need support with tailored one-on-one training? SitStay has a resident Delta Qualified trainer to ensure our fur families get the best of everything. Our trainer offers in-home support across a range of behaviours and can work alongside your behavioural veterinarian to help you progress with your pet's behavioural modification. 

Our trainer only uses positive reinforcement in line with SitStay's Fear-Free policy. 

Our resident trainer can assist with:

  • Puppy Training

  • Resource Guarding

  • Lead Reactivity & Socialisation

  • Introducing New Pets

  • Separation Anxiety 

  • Environmental Enrichment

  • Written Report* 

Initial Consult

$180 1hr

Eating Puppy

VISITS [ Time bound ]

Helping Hands - Feeding | Walking 

Whether it's a one-off visit or you need something a little more frequent, SitStay will connect you to the perfect Vet Nurse Sitter for your needs. Visits start from 30 minutes through to blocks of time for daycare and longer walks. We tailor a package to suit your pet's needs. 

This service includes;

  • Meet & Greet

  • Vet Nurse Sitter 

  • Insurance

  • Updates

  • Service as per agreement.


$55 30min visit

Bride and Groom



It's always best to share your wedding day with your closest friends and family... what about your BEST FRIENDS?  A SitStay Vet Nurse Sitter will happily chaperone your pet to your wedding to partake in photos and even the ceremony before safely getting them home. 

Our Packages include

  • Meet & Greet

  • Vet Nurse Sitter

  • Adaptil Pheromone

  • KONG toys

  • Walk

  • Photos

  • Insurance


$399 3hr package

Dog Spa



Invite a SitStay Vet Nurse Sitter into your home to tailor a wellness plan for your pet. Our pets play a big part in fulfilling our lives so naturally, we want to do what's best. It's not always as easy as it seems. Our team of Qualified Vet nurses have additional certifications to ensure we can provide you with relevant, up-to-date and proven advice to ensure your pet is living their best life. 

We offer a range of in-home consults to help navigate:

  • Nutrition & Feeding

  • Dental Health

  • Senior Pet Health

  • Weightloss

  • Arthritis Consults

  • Fear Free Medicating Techniques

  • Environmental Enrichment

Initial Consult

$75 1hr

Cat Lying

Like to enquire about our services?

Please enquire for a friendly chat, or log in if you are already one of our clients.

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