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A Buddy for Life!

Written By: SitStay Sitter Ilana

SitStay Sitter Ilana recently had Buddy the 5 month old French Bulldog Stay Over for a week whilst his family were away. This very polite and well trained little boy filled our house with extra cuddles and was a great friend immediately to our 3 year old Beaglier, Ollie.

As a puppy, Buddy needed lots of attention and things to keep him occupied, so sharing Ollie's sticks from the backyard and a few toys was a perfect way to do this. As Buddy is only 5 months old he is still growing his Adult teeth which gives him the urge to chew! Soft Sticks in winter are a great chew toy (under supervision of course and only if your pupper doesnt swallow parts of the stick) Anyone who has had a puppy knows the destruction those jaws can get up to if we don't offer them something appropriate to chew on. Some other favourites are Goat horns and filling KONG toys with different stuffings and ice for your pup to gnaw on.

As a new addition to his family, working out the best food for Buddy was a top priority, so during his stay I offered some nutritional advice to Buddy's owner to ensure we are supporting his development while he is in his growth stage. A good quality veterinary recomended diet can make all the difference in healthy bone & ligament formation, healthy digestion (no farting puppies) and a beautful shiny coat. If you 'd like more information on Nutrition please send us an email so we can connect you with one of our Nutrition Nurses!

Buddy quickly nestled into our household and kept Ollie happy as they both spent most of their days together running around the backyard and keeping watch for possums. He also loved his daily walks with us keeping Ollie focused on the task at hand and always making sure passers by stopped to give him and his new friend a pat.

Watching the two of them playing, sharing toys and providing us with lots of puppy cuddles, it's safe to say Ollie now has a "Buddy" for life! We look forward to having him stay with us again and to regular puppy play dates at the local dog park.

Buddy wasn't the only one receiveing all the spoils. Penny, an 8 year old English Bulldog who lives with Buddy as his Aunty if you will also had the pleasure of twice daily visits from me alos. Buddy lives in a granny flat behind Penny's house so Penny was happy to stay home, away from the younger dogs for a few days and get all the attention from me on my visits. Penny would take me for walks twice a day showing me her neighbourhood and her favourite places. Being a 9 year Old English Bulldog you'd think Penny would be slowing down and taking the easy route... not this girl! Penny challenged me to a long & steep hill climb which she took on with no hesitation! Between visits I always made sure she had plenty of space and toys to keep her busy until I arrived and was very happy getting tucked into bed before I left each night. 

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