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Happy Henry

Written by VNS Megan

Henry's family jetted off to Europe for an epic adventure and I had the privilage of caring for him in their abscence. Being an 18 month old Spoodle, Henry has bundles of energy with all the love to give! He is used to having someone at home during most of the day, and his owners were concerned about possible separation anxiety during the times when his Vet Nurse Sitters may not be not in the house. But his loving family were well equipped to keep this beautiful boy busy during the quieter times of the day when Henry’s left to his own devices.

At Henry’s house, an abundance of toys were readily available for him to enjoy, all kept neatly in a wicker basket until he was ready to show off the full collection and scatter them around the house! Chew toys are a great way to combat boredom in dogs as chewing is a natural instinct in canines and a completely normal behaviour. Chew toys and treats can also provide mental stimulation for your pet. Directing your dog to chew on the appropriate object such as a dental stick or rubber toy can also prevent any unwanted destruction to furniture and shoes! Chew toys as well as dental treats can also contribute to healthy oral hygiene, exercising the jaw muscles and helping to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. Tooth and gum disease is a growing issue in the Veterinary industry for both cat and dogs, keeping their teeth and gums clean is vital to prevent this.

Henry would be eager to join me on a morning walk around his neighbourhood. Henry is the owner of a harness when going on walks, unlike a collar, this helps to distribute his weight more evenly across his back avoiding injury to his neck and trachea, as opposed to using your conventional collar and lead. A harness also helps to prevent pulling excessively. The lead is attached to the harness between the shoulder blades, preventing pulling by directing the forward motion in the opposite direction. Henry loved his walks, sniffing in every direction, looking for feline and canine friends alike, and when waiting to cross the road he would sit patiently on the pavement with a tasty liver treat as a reward for his brilliant behaviour.

Henry has an array of cosy blankets, one would usually be in his mouth and carried around the house, usually tip toeing on the wooden floorboards wherever I went! Meal times would consist of him readily waiting by his food station for his dinner, followed by joining me on the sofa tucking up beside for a well earned rest.

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