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The Kong Konnection

Although we are early on in our SitStay Journey we are making it a priority to connect with the best brands to spoil our Fur Families. We aim to connect with brands that align with the SitStay goals of ensuring absolute comfort and peace of mind for our Pet Parents, further education for our Vet Nurse Sitters and all the fun benefits for your fur family.

Our First Friend to join our Journey is KONG and they are spoiling your pets with great toys or treats to best suit their needs. Your SitStay Vet Nurse can help you select a toy for your pet based on their preferred play behaviours or spoil them with treats if they aren't the toy type. Don’t have a SitStay booking coming up? Just click here to visit KONG’s website and use their Toy Selector.

If you aren't familiar with this exceptional brand, allow me the pleasure of explaining how fabulous they are. Dog's needs to play (as KONG's tag-line says) and Kong takes play to the next level by designing toys that suit your individual pets preferred definition of play whilst working with instinctive behaviours.

Anyone whose world includes a fur child knows that they are quite unique and display certain behaviours and preferences towards play and interaction. We have the food obsessed, the chewers, teething puppies, the anxious ones and the fetchers. Kong has something to suit everyone and their website is packed with information and a long list of interactive and great wearing toys. To read more about Kong Solutions click here.

Further to their amazing product range, Kong has fun recipes to encourage play, tips on using their toys to manage unfavourable behaviours such as anxiety, chewing and a great training tool.

Visit | Follow us on Instagram or call us anytime for a chat on (03) 8657 4387

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