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Pooches in The Park [Knox]

[better late than never]

Another fun filled day at SitStay’s second Pets in the Park Event for 2019! Despite the cold and drizzly weather Pet Parents flocked to Gilbert Park Reserve to spoil their pooches to a fun day out. Part of that fun was visiting the SitStay Vet Nurse Sitter stand and taking part in our games and giveaways.

Pet Parent’s Subscribed to our website or followed our social media pages to have a few shots at our memory board game and gain FREE entry into our KONG hamper Prizes. The SitStay Team of Vet Nurses and friends spread the news about our fabulous services which include:

We pride ourselves on treating each Fur Family member as the unique individual they are and offer tailored one on one care to best suit their needs and ease your concerns. We currently have a team of nine Verified Vet Nurse Sitters based around metropolitan Melbourne with varied skills and experience. Rest easy knowing that when you book a SitStay Vet Nurse Sitter your fur family will have their undivided attention.

Now to the fun stuff!!

A BIG shout out to our KONG hamper winners which has $100 worth of toys and treats for your Pooch.

Our Lucky winners are Marli W and Nicole W!!

Ladies, please email us or contact us via Instagram so we can surprise your pooches with gifts (don’t let them know yet!). Marli also won 2 FREE 60-minute walks for Fletcher to help burn all his extra energy! Fletcher has been known to tear things up around the house so combining extra walks and KONG toys into his routine will help redirect all this energy into more acceptable behaviours. You can follow Fletcher and all his cheekiness on Instagram by clicking here.

Gabby, Erin H and Belinda’s fur babies also have some quality walking time with a SitStay Vet Nurse. Please send us an email so we can forward your vouchers.

We also want to recognise all the wonderful people who brought their pets wagging tails to meet us and learn about our brand. Galene D, Caroline K, Hayley & Rosie M have won a FREE 6-month subscription meaning they get to enjoy all the perks of our program for FREE until the end of 2019. Our Subscription Program gets you priority bookings and member pricing and so much more in the pipeline!

Jackie W, Gabby S and Jackie L are all enjoying a BIG bag of Hill’s Pet Nutrition

food for their pooches valued at over $120. Each winner had a brief nutrition consult with a SitStay Vet Nurse before linking them to the diet that would best benefit their pooches.

One example was beautiful Koda the Shepsky. Koda is a rescue but has gained close to 8kg in the 8 months that his new family has cared for him. After speaking with Koda’s mum we learnt that he was sent home with a bag of Hill’s Active [High Energy] for his new family to feed. This diet is pumped full of bonus protein and good calories to help working dogs keep their energy levels up to perform at their best. Koda has gone to a loving family and is not expected to work too hard for his keep so, we discussed the options of changing him back to an ‘Adult’ diet or a weight loss diet. Koda’s mum opted to choose Prescription Diet Canine Metabolic which is designed to speed up your pets metabolism aiding in weight loss with out the blandness of a calorie restricted diet. . Koda’s mum will keep us in the loop with his weight loss so we can help guide them onto an appropriate maintenance diet when he is trim taught and terrific again.

If you would like to learn more about nutrition or have questions about your pets diet you can always contact a Veterinary Nutritional Advocate Nurse through SitStay for more information.

The below Pet Parent’s took a fun KONG toy home: Caroline K, Hayley, Codie H, Liz R, Jules N, Eva G and Tracey H. We would love to see photos of your fur babies enjoying their prizes and share them with our community or Vet Nurses, Pet Parents and Social Media Savvy Pooches!

Thanks again for visiting and introducing your beautiful pooches to our team. We look forward to supporting you with a high level of pet care in your home.

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