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WINNERS! Pet's In The Park - [Malvern]

Sunday 24th March at Central Park, East Malvern

I would like to start with the BIGGEST thank you to the team that helped out on the day. Liisa, Aaron, Tanya and Sam did a wonderful job connecting with pet parents and having all the fun with their fur families. Our day would not have been such a success without your passion and understanding of what our pets really mean to us! Stonnington City Council did a wonderful job of organising the event and the sun shone bright to keep those tails wagging.

Pet Parents were breathing a sigh of relief as they absorbed the many ways in which a SitStay Vet Nurse Sitter can help care for their Fur Family. We met some people that simply don’t go away for various and quite unique reasons but the foundation of them all was that they couldn’t find someone they trust or felt could handle their pooch or give them the love and care they deserve (and are used to).

Some pet parents shared their horror stories and previous experiences, like a wonderful lady who thought she was dropping her fur boy off at a sitter’s home for some good quality one on one care only to find 7 other dogs there when she went to pick up her fur baby. SitStay has policies in place to ensure your fur family’s needs are our utmost priority and you are always getting one on one care. Our tailored service means we take everything into account before connecting you to a Vet Nurse Sitter with the most suitable skill set and experience for your pets.

Our Marque was pulling crowd and our friends at KONG may have played a very important role in this! The grass in our marquee was home to a range of KONG food toys with stuffing of course which had dogs dragging their owners to us! We even had to give one away because a little King Charles Cavalier girl was glued to one of the toys and refused to leave the marquee. We either had to give away the toy or keep the pup which I’m sure her family would not have liked.

A BIG congratulations to the KONG hamper winners!!

From left to right: L.C, Toulouse and Frankie! Frankie and LC have received their hampers so little Toulouse you're the only one left! Follow us and our friends on Instagram

SitStay's friend Marcelo the photographer did such a wonderful job capturing all the fun we had on the day. We will soon post some photos on the Pets In The Park page on our website so keep checking in to revisit all the fun and see if we snapped anyone you know!

Our BIG Prize winner was Imogen’s Family who won a $145 Hill’s Pet Nutrition Voucher for her pooch who has allergies and dietary sensitivities. Hill's have always been such great supporters of the Veterinary Nursing Profession and we are grateful they are close friends of SitStay.

Peter & Jacqui get to go home with an extra 6 months FREE subscription. Our subscription as it stands is FREE until July 2019 and gets you an introductory 20% off all services. From July 2019 onward we will be launching our exciting new subscription program which includes a generous discount across all your bookings, SitStay back-up tag, Vet Nurse Blogs and partner promotions for a small annual contribution. Peter and Jacqui will get these perks FREE until Dec 2019!

Even more reason to have a SitStay Vet Nurse Sitter support you with your Fur Family’s care.

Kimberly B gets t experience a FREE 60-minute walk or play session for her adorable friend Cheddar.

If you are one of our lucky subscribed winners please contact us via email so we can set you up with your prizes. We will be announcing our KNOX winners later this week so stay tuned for more adorable stories and photos.

Thanks for playing,


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